Stretch Collaboration - It's A Choice. But There Is No Point If You're Addicted To Being Right.

Adam Kahane's book "Collaborating with the Enemy – How to Work with People You Don't Agree with or Like or Trust" has a title that seems to elicit a "tell me more" response whenever I mention it to people. They have invariably encountered situations where they've needed to work with people they don't see eye to eye with, nor trust, and they're conflicted about how to feel empowered and function effectively within that dynamic.

Is your listening style building or damaging trust?

This article was published by Tony J. Hughes of RSVP Selling following our discussion about the impact our listening styles can have on customer relationships.

Listening is a bit like common sense, we all think we have it or do it well but in reality, we rarely question just what it is and how we stack up against the norms.

Relationship over task: a central pillar for effective collaboration

The business and social case for active collaboration is well researched and widely accepted, but reality often falls short of the aspiration to leverage multidisciplinary and geographically dispersed talent to achieve innovative business strategies. Task reigns supreme in many collaborative partnerships, but when we're talking about collaboration between people and not just systems, the primacy of relationships can't be underestimated.

Trust and distrust – they’re not mutually exclusive. How to cultivate trust in strained working relationships.

How many times have you heard someone say of a person, team or organisation that there's no trust... and that's the end of the story? The weight of distrust hangs heavily in the air and you're left with the sense that you're unlikely to hear...

Phrases that foster or block engagement. Which do you use most?

In an act of brilliance, my young son’s father encouraged him to replace his default "I can't remember" response to questions about his day, with “let me think about it”.

Witnessing the extraordinary shift in conversational dynamics that followed reminded me of similar engagement halting phrases that clients sometimes unconsciously use, and the alternatives that have helped them develop their conversational leadership.

Worry and Aspiration: Two Sides of the One Coin

I have a simple theory: that worry and visioning, or aspiration, are two sides of the same coin.

In most of the conversations that I have with my clients we're focusing on bringing their ever evolving “best self” forward, so that they can design and live their lives from an aligned, empowered place - both personally and professionally. Often when we're exploring where they are headed, whether that be in their leadership journey...