We help leaders, advisers and businesses learn how to develop trust, for extraordinary results.

Every conversation in life has an impact. Our services teach people how to communicate more effectively, so their professional relationships can become more trusting, collaborative and open to innovation.

Three ways to cultivate trust in your business:

Leadership Presence Coaching

Leadership Presence coaching

All leaders are judged by what they say and how they say it. The better they communicate, the better they can lead.

Leadership Presence coaching offers one on one coaching to help the advisers and leaders in your business communicate more effectively, and build trust with others.

Conversational Leadership Consulting

Conversational Leadership consulting

These consulting, coaching and group workshops help your business’ leaders, teams and departments learn how to communicate more effectively. You’ll see a happier workplace and healthier bottom line.

Trust Enabled Change

Trust Enabled Change consulting

These consulting, coaching and group workshops help those in your business who are driving innovation or are affected by it. They’ll learn how to promote and embrace new ideas by communicating with each other more effectively. Your business will become more engaged, trusting and open to innovation.

The science behind the coaching:

Conversational Intelligence®, also referred to as C-IQ is the science behind how our brain responds during conversations. 

Learning how to master C-IQ is a key ingredient in all our programs. Naomi Abbott founder of Conscious Presence, is one of the first coaches globally to be certified in this emerging field of leadership, culture and change practice.